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Lecture 49

ANTH 1220 Lecture 49: Lecture 49

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University of Manitoba
ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

o82 Foucauldian Power: Traditional power: monolithic, hierarchal, clearly visible, embodied in the law, written, and is negative (based on prohibition) Foucauldian Power: Localized: physical organization of space shapes the knowledge and power that are possible and can be harnessed Omnipresent: rather than something invoked on special occasions or at specific times, power is ALWAYS in play Dialectically related to knowledge: power draws from existing knowledge, relies on it, shapes it; knowledge influences the type and location of effective power They way we see ourselves in the world is the result of power relations Where there is power, there is resistance They can only exist in the strategic field of power relations Power is Productive: th It was the discourses about sexuality, in Victorian times and the early 20 century, which sought to suppress certain kinds of behaviour, which simultaneously gave an identity to them, and so launched them into the public sphere The whole idea about sexuality in Victorian times (when sexuality wasnt talked about), Foucauld said when we are told not to talk about something, we end up talking about it Power as an Independent Entity: Resistance: the power to refuse being forced against ones will to conform to someone elses wishes Consensus: an agreement to which all parties collectively give their assent Persuasion: power based on verbal argument The Power of Imagination:
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