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Lecture 61

ANTH 1220 Lecture 61: Lecture 61

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ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

OS98 UBC Museum of Anthropology Creation storymyth Legend of the first hyda Spirit Beings and Forces: Animism and Animatism: o Animism: belief in souls that animate living and nonliving things People, rivers, trees, rocks all have soul like natures o Animatism: belief in generalized, pervasive spiritual power Holy place possesses animatism Idea that God is everywhere Gods and Heroes: Spirit beings in human form Polytheism belief in many gods Ex: ancient Rome and Greece (God of war, love, etc) Monotheism belief in one god Many variations Ex: Judaism, Islam, Christianity Catholicism? Important Mortal Heroes ex: saints Sufism pirs o Christianity saints Some Hindus and Muslims in India worship Sai Baba of Shirdi (holy person that took on the status of almost a god) Role models for us Ancestors, Ghosts, and Demons: Ancestor worship pay respect to your deceased ancestors
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