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Lecture 62

ANTH 1220 Lecture 62: Lecture 62

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University of Manitoba
ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

Oc78 Mediums, Diviners, and Healers: Mediums: persons having special gifts to make contact with the spirit world Going between the two worlds Diviners: persons with the power to predict the future through messages and omens Ex: reading tea leaves, taro cards Healers: religious practitioners who acquire spirit power to diagnose and cure illness Shamans and Priests: More authoritative Shamans: religious practitioners believed to make contact with the spirit world through prayer, ritual, and trance Ex: pope Priests: fulltime religious practitioners who lead a religious organization and officiate at rituals, but are not expected to communicate directly with spirit world Religious Practice: Rituals: activities, ceremonies, and behaviours that are demonstrations of belief o Rituals put belief into action o Usually involve visual and performing arts Religious rituals ex: baptism, bar mitzvah Sacred and Secular Rituals: Sacred rituals: Dedicated to spirit realm and expression of religious faith Secular rituals: May be important culturally Ex: hockey night in Canada
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