ARTS 1110 Lecture 2: Learning and Memory

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Arts Interdisciplinary
ARTS 1110
James K.Honeyford

Learning and Memory: 1. Encoding 2. Storage 3. Retrieval Encoding:   Process of recoding sensory data from the outside world  Uses the five senses (hearing, sight, touch, taste, smell) to input sensory information  Automatic brain function, but too some extent indiscriminate   Need to actively select the information that you encode Strategies for Improving Encoding:   Exclude competing stimuli: many students believe they study better with music or television in the background, most do not  Use various sensory modes: the use of a number of different sensory modes  (e.g. Students’ retention of information during lectures increases when they both hear the information and see it displayed graphically Storage:  3 forms of storage: Sensory storage  Sensory storage allows incoming information to be held briefly and interpreted  Interpretation is the process of making sensory information comprehendible   Encoding must be an active process  Sensory interpretations are subject to decay or be replaced by new impressions   Within a few seconds, you need to put information into short-term memory or replace it with new information Short-term memory  Short-term memory stored information acquired from sensory memory  Short-term memory is working memory   Retains information that is needed for a specific purpose  Limited in capacity and duration  5-9 pieces of information at once  In order to store information in greater amounts, need to transfer to long-term memory    Transferring information from short to long term: 1. Rote Learning: repetition of information, least effective, usually can only retrieve with one clue (need to
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