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Biochem. and Medical Genetics
BGEN 3020
Jason Leboe- Mcgowan

Lecture 7 Types of inflammation (scenarios) A. post partum woman, with pus coming out of lactiferous duct – this is staph aureus – supplerative inflammation B. Bone of child with sepsis, on top of the bone, was a yellowish area, and it was an abscess – osteomyelitis – staph. aureus; if the kid had sickle cell, it is salmonella; why at metaphysis of bone? B/c most of blood supply goes here, therefore, mechanism of spread is hematogenous (therefore comes from another source, and then it gets to bone). C. Hot, spread over face – cellulitis due to strep (play odds!) group A pyogenes (called erysipilis, another name for cellulitis) D. Diphtheria = psuedomembrane (corynebacterium diphtheria), a gram + rod, that makes an exotoxin, messing up ribosylation of protiens via elongation factor 2, the toxin damages mucosa/submucosa, producing a pseudomembrane; when bacteria doesn’t invade, produces a toxin that damages the membrane; clostridium difficile also does this. It also produeces a pseudomembrane and a toxin, which we measure in stool to make the dx. Therefore, the answer is C. difficle. E. Fibrinouis pericarditis, usually with increased vessel permeability; seen in (1)lupus, leading to friction rub; also seen in (2) the first week of MI, and then again 6 weeks later in dresslers’s syndrome, (3) seen in Coxsackie F. MC organism producing infection in third degree burns = pseudomonas auriginosa. Color of pus: green due to pyocyanin. G. Basal cell layer on both sides of clot, proliferate, and go underneath it to clot. In a primary wound it’s usually sealed off in 48 hrs (ie appendectomy). Key to wound healing is prescence of granulation tissue. Fibronectin is a very important proteoglycan and is involved in the healing of the wound. Fibronectin is an important adhesion agent and chemotactic agent, inviting fibroblast in helping healing process. The granulation tissue starts at day 3 and is on its prime by day 5. If you ever picked at a scar and it bleed like mad and you try to stop it but it still bleed like mad, that’s granulation tissue. No granulation tissue means no healing of a wound. Type of collagen in initial stage of w
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