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Lecture 26

BIOL 1000 Lecture 26: Lecture 26

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University of Manitoba
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1000
Kevin G.Scott

o78P Stomata = tiny pores in leaf through which CO enters2and O exits 2 Water that is absorbed by roots gets delivered to leaves in veins Membranes in chloroplasts are where most reactions of photosynthesis take place   Stroma = thick fluid that fills the inner compartment of a chloroplast Thylakoids = system of interconnected membranous sacs suspended in stroma Enclose the thylakoid space Grana = sacs that connect thylakoids Chlorophyll molecules are build into thylakoid membranes, they capture light energy  Thylakoid membranes house machinery used to convert light energy to chemical energy Chemical energy used in stroma to make sugar Scientists traced the process of photosynthesis by using isotopes Leaves of underwater plants often have bubbles of oxygen on them Oxygen produced from photosynthesis   6CO +26H O 2 C 6 12 66O  2 C. B. van Niel was experimenting with photosynthesizing bacteria that produce sugar from CO but d2 not release O   2 Hypothesized that when this occurs in plants, O is2released Hypothesis confirmed in 1950s using 18O (heavy isotope of oxygen) Water is both a reactant and a product in photosynthesis Experiments:  6 CO +212H O 2 C6 12 + 2H O +26O 2 6CO +212H O2  C 6 12 66H O 2 6O 2 Showed that the O 2roduced comes from H O, 2ot from CO 2 Photosynthesis is a redox process, as is cellular respir
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