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Lecture 28

BIOL 1000 Lecture 28: Lecture 28

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1000
Kevin G.Scott

o982 Chemiosmosis powers ATP in the light-dependent reactions Chemiosmosis is the method of ATP formation in cellular respiration within the mitochondria  Also generates ATP in a chloroplast Potential energy of a concentration gradient of hydrogen ions (H ) across a membrane powers ATP synthesis  Gradient is created when electron transport chain uses energy released as it passes electrons down the chain to pump H across a membrane  Electron transport chain for photosynthesis is located within the thylakoid membrane of a  chloroplast Photoexcited electrons pass down the electron transport chain that connects the 2 photosystems Hydrogen ions are pumped across the membrane from the stroma in the thylakoid space Generates a concentration gradient across the membrane + Energy of concentration gradient drives H back across the membrane through ATP synthase Couples the flow of H to the phosphorylation of ADP Chemiosmosis production of ATP in photosynthesis is called photophosphorylation Light energy derives electrons that originally came from water, to top of transport chain Chloroplasts transform light energy into chemical energy of ATP  Electrons are stored in high state of potential energy in NADPH Light-dependent reactions provide chemical energy (ATP) & reducing power (NAPDH)  ATP and NADPH power sugar synthesis in the Calvin cycle  CO ,2ATP, & NADPH are the ‘input ingredients’ of the Calvin cycle These ingre
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