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Lecture 42

BIOL 1000 Lecture 42: Lecture 42

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University of Manitoba
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1000
Kevin G.Scott

OS82 nucleotides ResultsinrecombinantDNAplasmidcontainingthedesiredgeneandmany other  recombinant DNA plasmids 7) Recombinant plasmid containing target gene is mixed with culture of bacteria  A bacterium takes up the plasmid DNA by transformation 8) Recombinant bacterium reproduces to from clone of cells = a group of identical cells descended from a single ancestral cell, each carrying a copy of the desired gene  ***Gene cloning step  Enzymes are Used to “Cut and Paste” DNA Recombinant DNA molecule produced by combining bacterial plasmid and gene of interest Restriction enzymes = bacterial enzymes that are the cutting tools in recombination Protect bacteria from intruding DNA from other organisms/viruses Chop up foreign DNA, restricting the ability of invader to harm Each restriction enzyme is specific and recognizes a short particular DNA sequence 4-8 nucleotides long  Restriction site = the DNA sequence recognized by a particular restriction enzyme Once recognized, restriction enzyme cuts both strands of DNA at specific points within the sequence All copies of a particular DNA molecule result in same set of DNA fragments when exposed to the same restriction enzyme ***Restriction enzyme cuts DNA in a precise way Restriction fragments = separate cut pieces of DNA strand (cut by restriction enzyme)
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