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Lecture 6

BIOL 1010 Lecture 6: Lecture 6

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

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o78P Bio 1010 Phospholipids Hydrophobic (H20 fearing) tails point inward, mingling together & shielded from water. In the lipid bilayer are diverse proteins floating in a phospholipid “sea”. Plasma Membranes job as a “traffic cop”. Regulates the flow going into and out of the cell. o Nonpolar molecules (O 2& CO ) easily move across membrane hydrophobic interior. Some membrane proteins form channels, which shield ions & polar molecules as passing through hydrophobic centre of membrane. Other proteins serve as pumps, using energy to actively transport molecules into and out of cell. Section 4.3 – Prokaryotic cells are structurally simpler than eukaryotic cells. Bacteria & Archaea consist of Prokaryotic Cells. Protists, Fungi, Plats & Animals consist of Eukaryotic Cells. Eukaryotic cells have a membrane-enclosed nucleus (Houses most of their DNA). Eukaryote means true nucleus (Greek). Prokaryote means before nucleus. Prokaryotic cells evolved before Eukaryotic cells. Prokaryotic cells are structurally simpler then Eukaryotic cells.
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