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Lecture 69

BIOL 1010 Lecture 69: Lecture 69

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University of Manitoba
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

o78P Bio 1010 Transpiration exerts a pull on a tense, unbroken chain or water molecules that is held together by cohesion and helped upward by adhesion. Transpiration is an efficient means of moving large volumes of water upward from roots to shoots. In fact, via transpiration, Xylem sap can move up a tree at speeds approaching 80km/hr. no energy expenditure required to transport Xylem sap by the plant. Physical properties – cohesion, adhesion and evaporation, move water and dissolved minerals from a plants roots to its shoots. Describe the roles of Cohesion and Adhesion in the ascent of Xylem sap: Cohesion causes water molecules to stick together in a continuous string; adhesion helps xylem sap stick to the inside walls of the xylem cells. 23.4: Transpiration Guard cells control transpiration A plant must take a trade-off between its tremendous need for water and its need to make food by photosynthesis. As long as water moves up from the soil fast enough to replace the water that is lost, transpiration presents no problem. But if the soil dries out and transpiration exceeds the delivery of water to the leaves, the leaves will wilt and eventually die if it is not hydrated. The leaf Stomata, which opens and closes are evolutionary adaptations that help plants adjust to their tra
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