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Lecture 62

BIOL 1010 Lecture 62: Lecture 62

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University of Manitoba
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

OS82 Bio 1010 product s of this division are left in the meristem, and other differentiate and are incorporated into tissues and organs. Meristem at the tips of roots and in the buds of shoots are called the Apical Meristem. - Apical Meristem cell division in this area produce new cells that enable a plant to grow in length a process called primary growth.
- Primary growth lengthens roots(pushing them through the soil) and shoots (growing upwards) tissue produced by primary growth is called primary tissue.
- Primary growth differs in the root and the shoot.
Root - Root tip is covered by a thimble-like root cap which protects delicate dividing cells. growth in length occurs just behind the root tip, where three zones of primary growth are located: Zone of cell division, Zone of elongation, and Zone of differentiation
- The three zones overlap. Zone of cell division - includes the root apical meristem new root cells are produced in this region, including cells of the root cap.
-Zone of Elongation - Root cells elongate, sometimes to more than 10 times their length, it is this cell elongation that pushes the root into the soil. Cells lengthen rather than expand, due to the circular arrangement of cellulose fibers in their cell walls. the three tissue systems of mature plants (dermal, ground, vascular) complete their development in the zone of differentiation.
- Zone of Differentiation - Cells of the vascula
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