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Lecture 73

BIOL 1010 Lecture 73: Lecture 73

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

OS82 Bio 1010 Cork: The outermost protective layer of a plants bark, produces by the cork cambium. Wood: Secondary xylem of a plant Rays: A stream of material particles travelling in the same line Bark: All the tissues external to the vascular cambium In a plant that is growing in thickness; made up of secondary phloem, cork cambium and cork Transpiration- Terms to know: Transpiration: the evaporative loss of water from a plant Stoma: A pore surrounded by guard cells in the epidermis of a leaf. When stomata are open CO2 enters a leaf and water and O2 exit. A plant conserves water when its stomata are closed. Tracheid: A tapered, porous, water-conducting and supportive cells in plants. Chains of tracheids or vessel elements make up the water- conducting, supportive tubes in xylem. Cohesion: The sticking together of the molecules of the same kind, often by hydrogen bonds Guard cells: One of the paired cells in the epidermis of a plant that control the opening and closing of a stoma of a leaf Vessel elements: A short, open-ended, water-conducting and supportive cell in plants. Chains of vessel elements or tracheids make up the water-conducting, supportive tubes in xylem. Adhesion: The attraction between different kinds of molecules Turgid: Word used to describe something as swollen, bloated, puffed up or inflated
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