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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Karen Sereda

BIOL1010 01 13 2014 Charles Darwin - a naturalist - took a five year voyage - from England - went to medical school, but didn't like it much - observe person - recommended in a voyage in mid-1800s - due to his high education recommended on ship - on voyage for five years - mapping coastlines - Darwin collects plants, recorded studies -- all related to evolution - at the time people think that all being are being and unchanging > mostly based on Greek philosophy and Christianity > thought that the world is only 6000 years old > but Earth is much older than 6000 years old - visited Galapagos Islands (volcanic islands, isolated) > influenced Darwin greatly - collected plants, animals and fossils, etc. > took notes of observations - noticed that in North America are similar to other NA animals > South American animals similar to SA animals, etc. - observed Galapagos Islands > blue-footed booby, tortoise, etc. > animals have unique characteristics that were different from the major population *Thomas MALTHUS - concerned about human population having not enough resources to support itself. > Darwin found that Malthus idea can apply to other living organism *Influences on Darwin caused him to believe that the Earth is much older *Darwin thought of "natural selection" *Jean Baptiste LAMARCK also suggested evolution > evolution by "acquired characteristics" eg. Giraffes' long necks > the more the
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