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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Karen Sereda

BIOL1010 01 17 2014 Other def'ns of species Morphological species concept - based on physical char. such as shape, color and size -major advantage: change be applied to asexually reproducing organisms eg. Prokaryotes Ecological species concept - base on the role in a biological community eg. what they eat or where they live Phylogenic species concept - smallest group of ind. sharing common ancestry Homology vs. Analogy - Homology: similar ancestry; same struc. of bones eg. human arm and animal forearm - Analogy: similar fun'c of traits but no its struc. eg. Butterfly and Bird's flight Convergent Evolution - two organisms look similar but not closely related eg. Australian and North American mole - cause unrelated organism to have similar adaptations due to living in a similar env't - marsupial: has pouch Systematics - organizes living organism; human-imposed - originally based on morphology, now more on DNA - includes taxonomy - Aristotle classified 500 organisms - Present system begun by Carolus Linnaeus - taxa (taxon) - Mnemonic "Did King Philip Came Over For Great Sex?" Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species Scientific names - "binomial nomenclature" (in Latin) - incl. gen
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