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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Karen Sereda

BIOL1010 01 15 2014 Fig. 13.6 "purple line" indicates that species after the line contains 'that' certain characteristic *Natural selection cannot make a perfect organism. *Better suited organisms survive. *Evolution can occur at a fast rate (noticeable) or slow rate (slightly noticeable) *'Continental Drift' plays a huge factor in evolution (where certain species are located). *Environmental factors affects evolution (climate, condition of env't, etc.) *Evolution can occur by chance. Extinction Events *Many different species have died out for 'some reason'. - allows anything that survive to span to areas where species have died out *Asteroid believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs. - hit the Yucatan Peninsula (part of Mexico) - really large asteroid - created stream - caused water to evaporated - changed the climate - there are evidence that there are certain materials that are only found in space - asteroid created dust cloud => cold climate => plants, animal died out - all occurred at approx. the same time, therefore concluded; this happens. - once dinosaurs died out, mammals were present on Earth - warm blooded, has fur, fat insulation (aided survival) Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance *caused many bacteria to evolve - originally antibiotics were effective to the bacteria
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