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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1010
Karen Sereda

BIOL1010 01 20 2014 Prokaryotes - Many have flagella - made of proteins - may have one or two or many or on both ends - basic function to help cells move - moves in spiral motion, like a propeller - can move cell forward and backward - Some produce endospores eg. Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) - Bacillus (genus) anthracis (specific epithet) (Fig. 16.3B) - have thick, impervious coat to protect them - eg. Clostridium botulinum - makes endospores - can survive without oxygen - can be present in sealed contains - occur if cans are not sterilized properly Prokaryotes Reproduction - by binary fission - cell splits in half - daughter cells enlarge afterwards - LECTURE 05 SLIDE 12 - agar substance with blood for nutrients Shape of Prokaryotes Three common cell shapes: 1) Cocci - spherical 2) Bacilli - rod-shaped 3) Spirals - curved cells a) Vibrios - comma-shaped b) Spirilla - rigid helices (plural; helix - singular) c) Spirochaetes - longer, flexible helices *Use Gram stain to look at bacteria
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