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Lecture 2

BIOL 1020 Lecture 2: Lecture 2

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University of Manitoba
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1020
Joy Stacey

Lecture Two Water as a vehicle for life Multiple choice question: In terms of the hierarchy of life lake Manitoba is at the level of ecosystem while a single sturgeon is at the level of organism. (has abiotic and biotic factors and a single sturgeon) Properties of water that support life (on Earth) versatility as a solvent Solution: liquid is a homogenous mixture of substances. Aqueous solution: solutes dissolved in water (the solvent) Each ion of an aqueous solution is surrounded by a hydration shell. (shell of water surrounding an ion in a solution) cations (positive ions) oxygen closest because oxygen is negative anions (negative ions) hydrogen closest because hydrogen is positive Can dissolve many types of solutes: ionic molecules compounds made of nonionic polar molecules large polar molecules (ex. proteins) if they have ionic and polar regions eg. Lysozyme molecule. Ionic and polar regions on the proteins surface attract water molecules. Hydrophilic substance: has an affinity for water (relatively polar bonds) Hydrophobic substance: does not have an affinity for water (relatively non polar bonds) eg. Salad dressing. Oil and vinegar. Vinegar= hydrophobic. Oil= hydrophilic. Sometimes if you mix them you can make a homogenous mixture called a colloid. expansion upon water when freezing Hbonding in ice is more ordered than in liquid water. (in liquid water they continue to break and reform)
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