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Lecture 12

BIOL 1020 Lecture 12: Lecture 12

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University of Manitoba
Biological Sciences
BIOL 1020
Joy Stacey

Lecture 12 Enzyme function, introduction to cellular respiration A chemical reaction that has a positive deltaG is correctly described as endergonic Regulation of enzyme activity Amount of enzyme: Determined by genes Activity of enzyme: Allosteric regulations (regulation at other sites) Molecule binds to the enzyme (positive or negative effect) Affects the proteins function at another site Factors that affect enzyme activity: cofactors Nonprotein enzyme helpers Inorganic (such as a metal in ionic form) or organic Organic cofactor is called a coenzyme eg. Vitamins Inhibitors Chemicals that selectively inhibit enzyme activity Competitive inhibitor: binds to active site; substrate cannot bind (competitive inhibition) Noncompetitive inhibitor: binds to an allosteric site, causes change in enzyme, substrate cannot bind (changes shape of active site) Allosteric regulation of enzyme activity Activators increase the activity of enzymes
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