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Lecture 17

BIOL 1020 Lecture 17: Lecture 17

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1020
Joy Stacey

Lecture 17 Cell Communication and Signaling Which of the following correctly characterized the relationships between the pH of the thylakoid space, the stroma andor the cytosol of a plant cell? pH lower in thylakoid space, pH high in stroma. The pH within the thylakoid is less than that of the stroma. (H+ ions) Cellular communicationsignaling single celled organisms cells of tissue tissue of various systems response to external cues Signals sent through messenger molecules (ligands) sent by secretory cells Received by receptor molecules on target cells Cell signaling multicellular and unicellular organisms universal mechanisms: ancestral signaling molecules evolved in prokaryotes chemical signals that are really important in transferring messages Communication among single celled organisms Myxobacteria Soil bacteria that form a biofilm Quorum sensing: individuals can sense the population size via the chemical secreted When food becomes scarce: starving cells secrete molecule that attracts other cells o Neighboring cells aggregate, form fruiting body Makes spores that can survive until conditions improve
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