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Integumentary system

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1410
Jennifer Mcleese

Integumentary system  Skin  Hair, nails, glands  Sense receptors  Muscles Layers 1. Epidermis: Top  Stratified squamous epithelium from ectoderm  Avascular  Separated into 4-5 strata (layers) Stratum Basale: Bottom  Single row of cells  2 cell types: keratinocytes (90%) undergo mitosis  Melanocytes (10%) produce pigment/melanin for UV light protection (sunburn, wrinkles/collagen damage, cancer/DNA)  We have same number of melanocytes but produce different amounts/shades of melanin Stratum Spinosum  Limited cell division Stratum Granulosum  Dark staining granules Stratum Lucidum  Flat dead cells too far from blood supply  Visible in thick skin Stratum Corneum  30 layers of flat dead cells filled with keratin (tough protein)  Shed and replaced from below 2. Dermis: Lower  CT from mesoderm  2 layers Papillary Layer  Loose areolar (vascular)  Projections into epidermis (dermal papillae)  In thick skin form dermal ridges /fingerprints Reticular Layer  Most of dermis  Dense irregular Hypodermis: Below skin  Subcutaneous layer, superficial fascia Epidermis in Thin vs. Thick Skin Thin Skin  Hair follicles, sebaceous glands, arrector pili muscles Epidermal Derivatives 1. Hair
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