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Skeletal System

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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1410
Jennifer Mcleese

 Know if bones are paired Axial (80 bones) 1. Skull Cranium: 8 bones next to brain o Frontal/Forehead o 2 Parietal o 2 temporal o Sphenoid o Ethmoid: forms superior and middle nasal conchae o Occipital Facial: 14 bones o 2 nasal o 2 maxillae o 2 Zygomatic o 2 lacrimal o 2 palatine (and 2 maxillae form hard palate) o 2 inferior nasal conchae o Vomer o Mandible/jaw bone 2. Auditory Ossicles: Middle ear Hyoid Bone o No articulations/joints o Attaches muscles of tongue and neck for swallowing 3. Vertebral Column: 26 vertebrae Typical vertebral structure: o Body is the thick anterior portion o Spinous process is a median posterior projection o Transverse process (2) lateral bony projections for muscle attachment o Lamina (2) connects 2 processes o Pedicle (2) connects body to transverse process o Vertebral foramen hole for spinal cord o Superior and inferior articular facets articulate with vertebrae above and below o Intervertebral foramina are exit for spinal nerves Characteristics by Region: Cervical (7)  All have transverse foramina  C1, C2 = atypical  C1 = atlas (no body, no spinous process, articulates with occipital condyle of skull for nodding)  C2= axis (dens=odontoid process, pivot joint which atlas swivels, shaking "no")  C3-C7 = typical Thoracic (12)  All articulate with ribs via costal facets Lumbar (5)  Support bod
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