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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1412
Paul Messing

BIOL1412 01 10 2014 Membrane Transport movement of material /w the intra and extra cellular fluid. terms: Solute - substance dissolved in a sol'n. Solvent - substance solute is dissolved in eg. water. types of transport: 1) Passive Transport - no energy required (no ATP) - movements from a high to low [ ] (i.e. down it's [ ] gradient) = diffusion - the greater the difference in [ ] = the more molecules want to move types: a) Simple Diffusion (solute movement) (Fig. 3.7) - solute diffuses through cell membrane therefore small, lipid soluble (oxy, carbon, etc) OR - ions diffuse through membrane via protein channels b) Facilitated Diffusion (solute movement) (Fig. 3.7) - large charged or water soluble molecules - diffuse acroos membrane using a specific carrier protein Word 'diffuse' is a hint that the process in a Passive Transport - eg. glucose into skel. muscle c) Osmosis (solvent movement) (or water movement) - movement of H2O across a semipermeable membrane (permeable to H2O) due to [H2O] difference (H2O moves down its [ ] gradient) via pores (channels or through membrane (Fig. 3.8) *water diffuses from an area of high [ ] to an area of low [ ] - note: * high [H2O] = low [solute] * low [H2O] = high [solute] * [solute] depends on the number of ions or molecules not the type Osmotic Pressure * we can stop water molecules from moving by applying an Osmotic Pressure (O.P.) - pressure that must be applied to prevent movement of H2O from a pure H2O sol'n (S1) across a semipermeable membrane into another sol'n (S2) - i.e. if S2 has high [salt] (low [H2O]) then more H2O will want to move into it => requires pressure to stop H2O moving into S2 - therefore, the greater [salt] in sol'n the greater OP and lower [H2O] => water will want to move in (down gradient) (Fig.3.8) - eg. S1 & S2 = pure H2O => no P required t
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