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Biological Sciences
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Paul Messing

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Digestive SystemIncludes1gastrointestinal GI tracttube from mouth to anus2accessory organsteeth tongue salivary glands pancreas liver gall bladder Fig 231Digestive Processes1Ingestionfood into oral cavity2Digestionlarge molecules broken down into small molecules 2 typesi mechanicalchewing segmentation peristalsisii chemicalenzymes acid secretions3Absorption end products of digestion enter blood4Defecation elimination of undigested materialGI Histology4 basic layersesophagus to anal canal1mucosahas 3 layersFig 236i mucous epithnumerous goblet cells strat sq mouth pharynx esophagus anal canal simple columnar stomach smalllarge int rectumii lamina propriaiii muscularis mucosasmooth musclecauses folds in small int2submucosa CT contains bloodlymphatic vessels nerve fibers3muscularis externasmooth muscle inner circular layer outer longitudinal layercontractions cause i chuming mixingpropulsion ii segmentation mixingsm int iii peristalsis propulsionesophagus smlg Int Fig 2334Serosa visceral peritoneum in abd cavity epiCT lumencenter of tube not a layerOral CavityBoundaries lips cheeks
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