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Lecture 35

BIOL 2420 Lecture 35: Review Session (GI & Immune)

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University of Manitoba
Biological Sciences
BIOL 2420

BIOL 2420 Lecture 35 Review Session 34/54 questions on final will be on immune and GI GI - Know the different layers - circular and longitudinal muscle - know which are voluntary and non-voluntary controlled muscle - Lipases - triglycerides into free fatty acids - secreted in oral cavity (not a lot of digestion) - secreted in the stomach - pro lipase (not a lot of digestion) - co-lipase (do we need it? does it dissolve fats?) - breaks down the lipid so lipase can break the lipid down - carbohydrate absorption - amylase from salivary glands - some in stomach - major portion coming from pancreas - taken up by the small intestine (only monosaccharides - glucose, galactose, fructose) - fructose - facilitated diffusion (none in blood) - glucose & galactose - cotransporters Na+/glucose linked transporter 1 (SGLT1) - know the anatomy of the part of small and large intestine - major uptake of fluid in small intestine - cystic fibrosis - crypt cells (immature epithelial cells) - CFTR channel - chloride channel - chloride secretion - sodium follow the Cl- in between the tight junctions of the cells - NaCl secretion in total - water follows the salt - one amino acid in chloride channel in wrong - doesn't function properly anymore - still have mucous secretion but theres no water or NaCl so we cant flush out anything anymore. Build up of bacteria = death - remember the transport of water in this disease Bile Acid Transport - bile salts are the ones that are secreted - conjugated & Amphipathic - majority and reabsorbed in the small intestine (need lots of energy to make) - ASBT (apical sodium dependent bile acid transporter) co transporter with Na + (both going into the cell) - once in the cell LBP (lipid bindin
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