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Lecture 20

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1030
Carla Zelmer

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Lecture 20Microorganisms 2 FungiAlgae Fungal Nutrition heterotrophic nutrition contrast w autotrophic nutrition algae heterotrophs can not manufacture own food 2 types of heterotrophs saprophytes obtain their organic compounds from NONliving substrates substrates are often dead organisms these are all nutrient sources of organic compounds for heterotrophs very important for decompositionnutrient recycling parasites parasites obtain their organic compounds from LIVING substrates host organism How Do Fungi Extract Nutrients From Substrates animalsmouth teeth gizzards stomach complex tissuesorgans to accomplish this unicells ex paramecium take food particles into the cell broken down by lysozymes intracellular digestion fungi cant access nutrients in these ways no mouth rigid cell walls Digestion in Fungi
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