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CHEM 1310
Sarrah Vakili

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Thermochemistry  Transfer of energy from one place to another, usually in the from of heat o Multiple types of energy - can change from one type to another o Studied quantitatively - with numbers  Definition from physics - ability to do some type of work where work is moving and object against force o Measured in joules (J)  Kinetic energy - energy of moving objects o Ex:  Radiant - like light  Thermal - like heat o Temperature is not thermal energy o Temperature is directly proportional to thermal energy 2 Ekinetic(1/2)(mass)(velocity) = Joules Eaverage Na - Avogadro's number Potential Energy  Energy that is stoned in position, composition, intermolecular forces, or conditions o Ex: tire at top of a hill o Ex: chemical (bonds), mass (E = mc ), electrical (E= Law of Conservation of Energy  First law of thermodynamics  Energy is neither created or destroyed  Energy may be transferred (moves from 1 place or thing to another) or transformed (energy change from one type to another) Terminology  Surroundings - an area that is not the system o The area outside of where you are studying (outside of the system)
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