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Lecture 3

COMP 1010 Lecture 3: Lecture 3

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Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

o982 Other Hardware Motherboard: piece of hardware that connects all components together o All other hardware plugs into motherboard, directly or through expansion slots o On a Mac call it logic board instead Network adapter: provides place to plug in an external cable that connects computer to network like the Internet Modem: through telephone line to internet o Translate electrical signals into audio transmissions and viceversa o Limited in speed less common Computer Systems: Software Software: instructions that tell computer what to do o Firmware software starts up computer, takes through first part of boot process Firm nonchangeable, nonvolatile memory On PCs, BIOS (basic inputoutput system), newer models, EFI (extensible firmware interface) o Operating system takes over after firmware done Operating System Software Five main functions: providing user interface, offering tools for manipulating documents and launching programs, managing resources, connecting to networks, security 1) User Interface (GUI graphical user interface) o Four main components: windows, icons, menus and pointer o Window: shows view of program, document, in area on screen that you can manipulate o Icons: graphical representations of information, programs, documents, designed to be recognizable on computer screen o Menus: hides list of options, revealed for more detailed list of options o Pointer: moving image on screen whose is controlled by the mouse 2) File Management and Program Launching o Responsible for displaying a window that shows icons representing documents and programs on disk You can manipulate these with your pointer (copy, paste, delete etc.) o Tools available to switch between different programsdocuments In Windows: displayed in the taskbar Tool for file management in windows is known as Windows Explorer 3) Resource Management o Help to stop simultaneous running programs from conflicting with one another (displaying error messages etc.) o Closely related function ability to speak to computers hardware Device driver: special piece of software that is installed (or included) in order for computer to communicate with new piece of hardware
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