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Lecture 2

COMP 1010 Lecture 2: Lecture 2

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Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

o982 o Gigabytes 1 billion bytes Used for size of memory (capacity) Called volatile easily be lost, temporary workspace Processor speed and memory size: two main factors determine how fast computer performs tasks Virtual Memory: reason you can work when you run out of memory; overflow o Temporarily stored swapped on hard disk, but much slower than memory When computer slows down o Clicking: computer is swapping o Clicking a lot: not enough memory for what youre doing invest in additional memory o Slow and silent: CPU being strained, processor speed is limiting factor Main Memory: another name for memory o Used on graphic cards, help 3D games run faster but not help with other software Storage Place where documents and programs are saved for long term Nonvolatile: information saved to storage indefinitely until delete it o Turning off power doesnt affect contents Less expensive than memory o Means much more storage than memory available in computer system Bytes used to describe storage capacity o Difference: new unit terabyte: one trillion bytes o Units of storage: metric, megabyte of storage smaller than megabyte of memory Disadvantage: much slower than memory o Because its mechanical not electronic divided into two main categories o 1) Magnetic media Floppy disks, tapes removable media Hard disk used interchangeably with hard drive media and drive in same sealed unit, not removable Majority of storage on computers o 2) Optical media CDROM, DVDROM etc. read only, cannot be written to them CDR, CDRW etc. can be written to Less sensitive to damage than magnetic media permanent data archiving o Flash memory Found in digital cameras, USB drives Similar to RAM, but nonvolatile storage not memory Used by SSD (solidstate drives) no moving parts, smaller, faster, use less power, more expensive per gigabyte Increasing storage space will give you more room to store files, but will not have effect on speed of your computer
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