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Lecture 5

COMP 1010 Lecture 5: Lecture 5

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University of Manitoba
Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

oS82 o Most programs given version numbers with decimal point Number on left of decimal major version number Number on right of decimal minor version number o Microsoft world: major versions given new names, minor version called service packs, smaller than minor versions are called hotfixes labeled by obscure numbers o Current list of Microsoft Operating Systems Windows 95: oldest modern windows Windows NT 4: professional line of windows more reliable than 95 Windows 98: improvement over 95 Windows 2000: newer version of same professional line as windows NT Windows ME: last of 9598 line, design problems Windows XP: based on professional line as 2000, requires more memory, hard disk space, newer hardware not all computers can use it, a lot of games do not work on anything older than this Windows Vista: many different editions, based on XP with different look Windows 7: substantial change to vista Windows 8: regular or pro, based on windows 7 with different look, also windows 8 RT tablets and does not run same software as other windows 8 editions run on different CPU, different platform All of these include updates in form of service packs free to download, o Microsoft Office comes in different versions Office 97: oldest usable office suite Office 2000: some changes over Office 97 Office XP: dramatic changes, Office 2003: some changes over XP Office 2007: major change from previous versions Office 2010: some changes over 2007 Office 2013: changes over 2010 with different look to match windows 8 Service packs also available Important to remember that although windows and office versions have same name, they are completely independent of each other o Mac Operating system Mac Classic: name given to all versions of Mac operating system between 1.0 and 9.2 Newer mac software cant run on Mac Classic Mac OS X: completely different operating system X stands for 10, and there are minor versions
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