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Lecture 8

COMP 1010 Lecture 8: Lecture 8

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Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

c98 Computer Usage Unit 2 The Internet: a worldwide network of networks. Certain facts can be said to be true about the Internet, including: Only one Internet Spread out over the entire planet (and into nearby space). Some computers request information, some computers provide information. The Internet is made up of many different services. When you browse the WorldWide Web, you are using only one tool out of many available on the Internet. Nearly all communication between computers across the Internet is indirect, which means that anything you do on the Internet passes through many other computers along the way. Redundancy: there would always be more than one way to get a message from point A to point B, because there were multiple lines of communication. If one path broke down, another one could be chosen, a process known as routing information. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a computer connected to the Internet, owned by an organization that sells other types of connections to individuals o Provide many types of connections, such as lowspeed telephone (dialup modem), highspeed (DSL or cable), mobilewireless, or other specialized connections o Connected to the ISP, connected to Internet. Your choice of ISP may affect other parts of your experience Every computer on the Internet is given an address, sometimes called an IP address. In their most deconstructed form, an IP address is a sequence of four numbers, where each number has a value between zero and 255, separated by periods (for example, Internet constantly shifts. Named addresses: most commonly used to locate computers o Example: the address of the computer responsible for the Uof Ms Web site o Far left is .ca, a toplevel domain: (TLD) classifies the organization that the computer belongs to o Two main types of TLDs: Geographic country codes (a twoletter abbreviation like .ca for Canada or .ie for Ireland) Generic code like .com for businesses or .org for nonprofit organizations., the middle part umanitoba describes who is responsible for the computer on the Internet (the University of Manitoba) o Taken together with the TLD, the two form, which is known as the domain name. The domain name identifies the owner of the computer, at least to some extent. When you connect a computer to the Internet through an ISP, it is usually given a name by the ISP. Often, the name is quite unintelligible, like or wnpgmb01ae317
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