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Lecture 4

COMP 1010 Lecture 4: Lecture 4

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Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

o982 Allowed to do more things than other programs Always prime suspect of computer crash 4) Managing Network Connections o Connection to internet is initiated and controlled by operating system Provides single place where all of this work can be managed o Many computers nowadays allow for many devices to be connected to the internet all the time cause security issues o Operating systems plays largest role in keeping the computer secure Application Software Type of program that performs a specific, useful task Sometimes included, but often must be bought or downloaded o Examples: software for accounting, graphics, word processing etc. Uses operating software to deal with details (i.e. Connect to internet), while it focuses on displaying and managing o Gives applications consistency: every application shares similar features and learning how to use one can provide skills that make it easier to learn a different application Application Suite: set of application software that is designed to be used together look similar, and talk to each other in special ways o I.e.) Microsoft Office, Google Docs Putting Pieces Together: Platforms and Systems Platform: combination of CPU type and operating system, and program can generally only run on platform it is designed for o Exception to this rule: Emulation: allows programs for one type of CPU to be run on another type Virtualization: allows more than one operating systems to be used at the same time on the computer Both these make it possible to, for example, use Microsoft Office on both a Windows and Mac Windows: most common platform: o Intel CPU and windows operating system o Variations on platform 64bit windows newer hardware to perform some tasks better, those with lots of data etc. Other platforms: Mac o Uses Mac OS X operating system with Intel CPU or older CPU Other platforms: Linux o Completely free download on internet but cannot run same software as Windows and Mac platforms limited choices for application software Application software and operating systems both can come in different versions o Major versions add new features that werent present in older versions o Minor versions add small features, fix errors in software (bugs)
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