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Lecture 14

COMP 1010 Lecture 14: Lecture 14

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Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

OS82 The three levels of formatting 1. Applies to individual characters in your document. Examples: character formatting include font size, font type, and character style (bold, italic, underline) 2. Some types of formatting apply primarily to lines or groups of lines of text Use paragraph formatting to change the appearance of one or several paragraphs Examples: include alignment (left, right, center, or justified) and line spacing When you set this formatting for one part of a paragraph, it applies to all the lines in that paragraph Paragraph alignments Left Left alignment (sometimes known as ragged alignment) lines up the left edge of the paragraph neatly at the left indent, but the right edge stops at the end of each word. No effort is made to line up the right edge. Right Right alignment is the opposite of left alignment. The right edge of the paragraph is aligned neatly at the right indent, but the left edge may be ragged. Center Center alignment causes each line of the paragraph to wrap normally, but every line is also precisely centered between the left and right indent.
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