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Lecture 35

COMP 1010 Lecture 35: Lecture 35

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Computer Science
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COMP 1010
James E.Young

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lc82 o If you simply COPY the number from D8 to another cell, no relationship would exist and the duplicate would not change if D8 does Copying and pasting is one of the most common causes of errors on a spreadsheet Formulas keep numbers live, preventing them from getting out of sync when parts change Excel also allows you to refer to numbers on a different worksheet o E.g. =Financials!D8, to duplicate the value from the financials sheet in cell D8 to your current cell Another way to do this is to copy D8 from that sheet and paste it to your sheet using EditPaste Special and clicking the Paste Link button o This is NOT the same as the regular paste or paste hyperlink option You can also use a more complex formula, e.g. =Financials!D8*C7, to multiply D8 on financials with C7 from your current worksheet The one place you could not use =D8, is in the cell D8 itself o There is no way to calculate the answer o It is a circular reference error Circular reference can be indirect too Would occur if you used =D8 for cell C7, and the formula in D8 was =C7 Mathematical Operator Formulas Name Symbol Example Priority 2 Exponential ^ 10^2 is 10 or First (power) 100 Multiplication * 10*2 is 10x2 or Second 20 Division 102 is 5 Addition + 10+2 is 12 Last Subtraction 102 is 8 Follow the order of operations, when to priorities are tied, begin with calculation on left o BEDMAS = brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction Complicated Formulas Functions are used inside a formula Function = a calculation applying to one of more arguments Can use a function alone, e.g. =AVERAGE(A1, B3, C8) Or can use it as part of another calculation, e.g. =AVERAGE(A1, B3, C8)*12 Functions can be combine with other functions, e.g. =ROUND(AVERAGE(A1, B3, C8),1) o Rounds the average of the three cells to one decimal place Nested function = using one function as an argument for another
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