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Lecture 31

COMP 1010 Lecture 31: Lecture 31

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Computer Science
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COMP 1010
James E.Young

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Oc98 Newspaperlike columns use columns. Boxes for text and graphics Insert a picture, surrounded by box that controls dimensions and location on page Placing it in a text box can be manipulated like a picture. A box on the page: given wrapping options, how text will be positioned around the box If a box floats, text can either appear over top of it or underneath it; that is, either the text on the page or the contents of the box can overlap the other In Word, can make a box float by setting its wrapping to be in front of or behind text. Text boxes are a common desktop publishing tool, ability to place text anywhere on a page Types of graphics: Vector vs. Bitmap Vector graphics: made up of shapes grouped together and can be resized simply by changing the size of the shapes o Most clip art will be vector graphics Bitmap graphics: treated as a square box o Bitmap graphics: made up of small points called pixels, each a different colour, arranged in a grid. Changing the size = changing the size of its pixels Sectionlevel formatting Inserting section break in document, add an invisible character Formatting options that apply to a section include: o Headers and footers; Page numbering; Line numbering; Vertical alignment (such as vertical centering); Number of columns; Margins; Paper size; Paper orientation (landscape or portrait); and Page borders. If you want a portion of your document to have any of these features differ from the pages around it, use section breaks to make that a separate section. Some sectionlevel formatting options can meaningfully be applied to only part of a page, including: o Line numbering; number of columns; and margins (left and right only; not top or bottom!) Use continuous section break to add a section break to your document without also requiring a hard page break.
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