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Lecture 56

COMP 1010 Lecture 56: Lecture 56

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University of Manitoba
Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

OS82 o Exporting: getting data out of an application for reuse in other application o Importing: adding data to one document from another document These are about moving not sharing data from one application to another packagesmon way to move data between different software Mail Merge Fill in the blanks process where blanks (known as merge fields) in a word processing document (known as the main document) are filled in with values taken from a different document (data source) Fills out many copies of the main document using information form the data source Information in data source must be stored in form of records usually from a database When producing the mail merge, every record in the data source will generate a new copy of the entire document, with its merge fields filled in using values from the data source Each table column or field value in data source can be filled into one or more blanks in the main document, they could contain information like: o Who the recipient is, address of recipient, values to determine the contents of documents Most common use: mass mailing o Use to create letters, envelopes, to send copies of a document to many different people Mail merge is a process, not a special kind of document o To be interesting: main document should have merge fields in it, otherwise every merged letter will be the same (fill in the blanks with no blanks to fill in) o Kinds of merge fields you place in document, are determined by looking at the field names in the data source document Steps: 1) Select document type 2) Choose document youre currently editing as the main document for the merge 3) Allows you to select the data source document, clicking browse you can choose as excel or access file for data source o If choosing an excel document may have to pick particular worksheet o If choosing access database have to decide which tablequery will be data source o Certain types of fields can be grouped together into blocks 4) Inserting merge fields insert individualfields by selecting the More Items option o Conditional Text: lets you choose whether or not to include text in your document, based on value of a field in the data source
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