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Lecture 55

COMP 1010 Lecture 55: Lecture 55

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Computer Science
COMP 1010
James E.Young

c78 Computer Usage Unit 10 Office Integration Share information between two documents Two ways: 1) Object linking: o Copy some part of one document (source document) and paste it as a link in another document (destination document) o The pasted object is displayed inside the destination document, but doesnt really exist there still only lives inside the source document o Only one copy of object, in the source, if you change the source, the object inside the destination changes and vice versa Like making a windows shortcut only one actual document 2) Embedding o Copy some part of the source document and paste a copy into the destination document o There are two separate copies of the embedded object, in the source and destination document o If you change the source, the object inside the destination does not change and vice versa Like copying a file in windows o Less fragile than linked objects you can do whatever you like with them once embedded, it can be edited in the destination document also (I.e. still use excel chart tools to adjust appearance of an excel chat that is embedded in Word document, without having source document Choose to create a link in limited set of circumstances o When object is big (complicated charttable) because information only has to be stored once on sick, saving space o Still working on the source document and may need to make changes to the object, shared objects will stay in sync o Problem: fragile, if you move or delete source document link can be broken and destination object may lose the object If you email destination document, need to email source document also Another option: paste a picture of an object rather than the object itself o In the EditPaste special dialogue box, select Picture type o Picture is smaller than embedded object but no link required to original must faster than either option o Drawback: once you paste it cant edit it o Also post picture as a link but then both fragile and not editable Common problem: when using office application o Need to move information from one type of document to another o I.e.) having a spreadsheet of information and wanting it in a database only now Do not need to share information just need to move over the data before deleting spreadsheet
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