FMLY 1010 Lecture 2: Lecture 2

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

lOMoARcPSD987298 3) Age 67 ready to develop skills needed for logical thinking Spend next 56 years using these skills to solve problems in every day life 4) In teenage years, develop capacity to apply logic to abstract hypothetical problems Piagets theory became foundation of modern cognitivedevelopmental psychology History of Psychology in Canada st 1 psychology course in Canada taught at Dalhousie University (1838) Modern scientific psychology came to Canada in 1889 o James Baldwin @ University of Toronto William Blutz founderleader of child study in Canada No formal organization of practicing psychologists before WWII Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) founded in 1939 1981, developmental section of CPA established Contemporary Developmental Psychology The Lifespan Perspective Term development now refers to entire human lifespan, not just childhood and adolescence Canadian male lifespan today is 79+, female lifespan 84 Adults over 85 are one of most rapidly growing age groups in Canada Lifespan perspective = current view of developmentalists that changes happen throughout the entire human lifespan and that changes must be interpreted in light of culture and context in which they occur o Interdisciplinary research is critical to understanding human development Capacity for positive changeplasticity in response to environmental demands is possible throughout the entire lifespan Domains of Development 3 broad categories of development Physical domain = changes in he size, shape, and characteristics of the body E.g. physiological processes associated with puberty, changes in how individuals sense perceive the physical world (e.g. depth perception) Cognitive domain = changes in thinking, memory, problemsolving, and other intellectual skills Learning to read, memory deterioration Social domain = changes in variables that are associated with the relationship of an individual to others
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