FMLY 1010 Lecture 58: Lecture 58

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

OD88729 o Girls compare more to models increase through adolescence Girls who are happier with their own physical appearance are least likely to compare their own bodies to the media Support findings that girls internalize images representing thin ideal in middle childhood and use them as standards for puberty Girls as young as 11 unhappy with body image Those with eating disorders have distorted thinking about a lot of things, not just their bodies, internalization is fuelled unhealthily by distorted thoughts Depression and Suicide (332) More women than men experience depression, but more men commit suicide Suicide rates among Canadian Aboriginal Youth are among highest in the world Depression 25 female, and half as many young men 1619 experienced at least one major depressive episode number remains the same through adulthood Adolescent depression associated with dysfunction in pituitary gland Geneticfactorsmorelikelytobecomedepressedifyouhavedepressedparents,butalsocould have to do with depressed parents parenting styles Family stressors can also lead to depression, emotional distress, smoking has been linked to depression Low selfesteem, self esteem drops in adolescence and depression rises Can affect academic achievement, interferes with memory, trouble storing and retrieving verbal information Suicide: (333) Likelihood of completing suicide attempt is 3x higher for adolescent boy o Second leading cause of death 1519 years old Girls use methods less likely to succeed like selfpoisoning Except for aboriginal girls Medical treatment focused on treatment of depression associated with suicidal behavior Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors doubt in effectiveness and sometimes been contributed to increased suicidal ideation Related to depression but other factors play a role as well Personalitydisorders,antisocialbehavior,narcissisticbehavior,aggression, family history of psychiatric disorder, drugalcohol abuse Three contributing factors 1) Some triggering stressful event 2) Altered mental state sense of hopelessness 3) Opportunity loaded gone, bottle of pills Prevention Strategy pg. 334 CHANGES IN THINKING AND MEMORY (335)
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