FMLY 1010 Lecture 54: Lecture 54

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University of Manitoba
Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

R98729 Early puberty in boys shows more leaderships roles, more successful academically and economically in adulthood Other Body Systems (319320) Healthiest periods of life, changes in other body systems allow adolescents to acquire new cognitive and motor skills The Brain: Changes in grey matter reflect in change in size and complexity of neurons, not in actual number Dramatic changes during adolescence Peak volumes being reached in different brain regions at different time, later in boys than girls o Decrease in grey matter could reflect pruning process o Last among region to develop are areas within frontal cortex that are linked to control of impulses, judgment, decision making White matter volume increases in four major lobes of brain developmental pattern thats associated with cognitive, behavioral, emotional differences between children and adults Also important increase WM in corpus callosum (integrates activities of left and right hemispheres) and pathways connecting speech reception (Brocas Area) The Skeletal System May grow 513 centimeters a year for several years o Add height and weight till they reach adult size girls by 16, boys by 1820 years old Teenagers handsfeet first to grow, followed by armslegs good sign is increase in shoe size Asymmetry categorized as awkward or uncoordinated o Skeletal changes in jaw, prominent forehead o Joint development enables high levels of coordination Boys still lag behind until 1718 in joint development but then usually become superior in coordinated movement Muscular System (321) Fibers become thicker and denser, adolescents become stronger (more so for boys) Fat increases in girls, decreases in boys, muscle increases in boys, decreases in girls mainly use to hormone differences Heart and Lungs Increase in size and heart rate drops more so in boys than girls Boys have clear advantage in endurance, size, strength, speed Body Weight and Fitness Becoming overweightobese increasing problem in Canadian adolescents Fitness levels have declined significantly Since 1980s rate of overweight and obese in 1219 year olds has risen substantially Overweight 12 19.8 Obese 3 9.4
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