FMLY 1010 Lecture 55: Lecture 55

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

OP88729 Canadian females 15 19 years of age who had vaginal intercourse in six months said they used protection 74 condoms, 67 oral contraceptives, 17 withdrawal Sexually active usually experience early menarche, low interest in school, history of sexual abuse o Greater number of risk factors, greater likelihood theyll be sexually active, after school activities also delay Alcohol associated with 22 of adolescent sexual encounters Sexually Transmitted Infections: (323) o On rise in Canada between 15 19 year olds Chlamydia most common reported in Canada Rates highest in 15 19 year old females 171000, 4 x higher than males their age 70 females 40 men suffer symptomless Pelvic Inflammation Disease: if chlamydia untreated, infection of female reproductive tract that may result from a sexually transmitted disease and can lead to infertility HPV: genital warts primary symptom Associated with cervical cancer, 70 of all cases Prevalence in adolescent women (25 and younger) then decreases with age Recommend HPV vaccination of females between 9 45, pap tests for cervical cancer, males between 9 26 Sex Education: Suggest program that include training in social and decision making skills, information about STIs and pregnancy better than information only to reduce prevalence of sexual activity and increase protection against disease and pregnancy No consensus about effectiveness Some adults against sex education because they fear it will encourage sexual activity not supported Debates on promoting abstinence or contraceptives Promoting abstinence does not delay first time, making condoms available does not increase rate of sexual activity but does increase use of condoms by teens who are sexually active Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education importance equipping youth with information, motivation to make informed sexual decisions Overall think its important (pg. 324) Teenage Pregnancy (324) Highest in United States Canada 1519: 281000 in 2010 of all births Birth rate: 131000, less than half pregnancy rate o Difference is attributed to fetal loss induced abortion Pregnant teens 1519 ending pregnancy in abortion surpassed percentage of live births 1997 (50.3 to 46.8)
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