FMLY 1010 Lecture 57: Lecture 57

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

o98729 Parents with realistic expectations of prevalence are less likely to have teenaged children who drink Drug Use Steadily declining since 1970s Average first time use is 1314 Increases with age: alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes most popular But also use hallucinogens, prescriptions drugs, inhalants, stimulants Alcohol: More than grade 79 students have drank alcohol in past year Doubles by Grade 1012 o 17 males, 11 females report heavy drinking at least 12 times in past year rd Contribute to 1619 year olds having 3 highest rate of impaired driving charges of any age group Tobacco (329) Declined dramatically since the 1970s Associated with variety of other illicitharmful substances Youth smoking rate lower than for genera population Seenasgatewaydrugnotclearifitdoesleadtoconsumptionofotherdrugs,butitdoesusually mean they have used other substances like alcohol, cannabis, or harder drugs Peer influence affects teen smoking develop mentalists say if parents children hang out with others who smoke, their child probably smokes too Most influenced between 1517 years old Eating Disorders (330) Social pressures increase, rates of eating disorders increase Mostly women, but men too as well as gaylesbian unsure about sexuality are at higher risk than heterosexual Bulimia Intense concern about weight combined with twiceweekly or more frequent cycles of binge eating followed by purging through selfinduced vomiting o Not thin, but obsessed with weight, feel shame about abnormal behavior, experience severe depression Physical consequences: tooth decay, stomach irritation, lowered body temperature, disturbances of body chemistry and loss of hair Between 3 10 of adolescent girls have bulimia Unheard of in countries where food is scarce or body thinness is not idealized Anorexia Nervosa (331) Less common but more deadly 1 2 of adolescent girls develop 418 of those with anorexia starve to death
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