FMLY 1010 Lecture 64: Lecture 64

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

OD88729 Represent only a minority of adults, even smaller amount of adolescents Stage 5: Social contract orientation Selfchosen principles are evident Ruleslaws are not seen as irrelevant, they ensure fairness However, there are times when they should be ignoredchanged Stage 6: Balancing equally valid, but conflicting moral principles against one another to determine which should be given precedence Kohlberg argued that this sequence is universal and hierarchically organized Each stage grows from preceding one Not everyone progress through all stages Social environment determines how slowlyrapidly individuals progress Stage 5 is typically the highest stage achieved in urbancultures Stage is typically the highest in agricultural societies Causes and Consequences of Moral Development (360) Correlation between Kohlbergs stages and age is likely due to cognitive development Must have concrete operational thinking before able to develop conventional moral reasoning Formal operations are necessary for postconventional reasoning Decline in egocentrism as an individual moves through Piagets developmental stages is most important Roletaking = the ability to look at a situation from another persons perspective Development of moral reasoning also requires support from social environment *Reciprocal dialogue about moral issues is important Individuals with lower levels of moral reasoning tend to be more tolerant of violence Moral reasoning is positively correlated with prosocial behaviour and negatively related to antisocial behaviour Criticisms of Kohlbergs Theory (361) Culture and Moral Reasoning: Crosscultural research supports universality of stages o Think his approach is too narrow to be truly universal Many aspects of moral reasoning in nonWestern cultures dont fit well with theory Theory is tied to the fact that justice is an overriding moral principle Moral Reasoning and Emotions (361362) Empathy is both a cause and a consequence of moral development Ethic based on caring for others and maintaining social relationships may be as important as moral reasoning (just as important as justice) o There are at least 2 distinct moral orientations: justice and care Justice dont treat others unfairly Care dont turn away from someone in need o Adolescents exhibit moral reasoning based on care
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