FMLY 1010 Lecture 72: Lecture 72

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University of Manitoba
Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

o88729 Unprotected sex, physical injury, driving while intoxicated Affects with still developing brain Cognitive Changes (397) Formal Operations and Beyond Dispute Piaget last stage, add fifth stage Postformal Thought: types of thinking that are associated with hypothesized fifth stage of cognitive development, early 20s o Relativism: idea that some propositions cannot be adequately described as either true or false Evaluate propositions in terms of underlying assumptions and contexts in which they occur, higher education helps Dialectical Thought: form of thought involving recognition and acceptance of paradox and uncertainty o Not a higher thinking, a different kind Reflective Judgment: ability to identify underlying assumptions of differing perspectives on controversial issues o Loosely tied to age, more to education Still no evidence to back these up Part of Piaget or different? Intelligence: (398) Verbal abilities increase into adulthood, spatial skills decline slightly IQ Scores: (399) Remain stable across middle childhood, adolescence and early adulthood until about age 60 Crystallized and Fluid Intelligence (400) Crystallized Intelligence: knowledge and judgment acquired through education and experience Set of skills and bits of knowledge learned, technical skills Fluid Intelligence: aspect of intelligence that reflects fundamental biological processes and doesnt depend on specific experiences Functioning of CNS, less on experience, abstract reasoning Fluid intelligence decreases around 3540 years old PostSecondary Education Obtained by more than half of Canadians adults Risk of being overqualified, unemployed Developmental Impact (401) Canada highest proportion of adult collegeuniversity graduates combined (51) More women than men have bachelors degree Higher earning for post secondary graduates than nongraduates Reasons: more promotions, less likely to be unemployed for long periods of time
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