FMLY 1010 Lecture 75: Lecture 75

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

o98729 Shyness in one or both partners is associated with low levels of marital satisfaction High levels of extraversion predict mutual marital satisfaction in both partners High levels of conscientiousness predict higher levels of satisfaction in husbands Similar levels of openness predict higher levels of satisfaction in husbands Similar levels of agreeableness predict higher levels of satisfaction in wives Attitude towards marriage also effects marriage stability The Role of Attachment: Security of each partners attachment to hisher family of origin is also an important factor Attachment security is one of many variables that works with others to influence relationship satisfaction later on in life Affects quality of peer relationships, life stresses, and patterns of interaction between partners The Role of Love: (414) Sternberg love has 3 key components: Intimacy feelings that promote closeness and connectedness, passion feeling of intense longing for union with the other person (including sexual union), and commitment to a particular other, often over a long period of time When the 3 components are combined in all possible ways, end up with 7 subvarieties of love (figure 14.2 page 414) Conflict Management: 3 different types of stableenduring marriages o Validating couples = partners who express mutual respect, even in disagreements, and are good listeners o Volatile couples = partners who argue a lot and dont listen well, but still have more positive than negative interactions o Avoidant couples = partners who agree to disagree and who minimize conflict by avoiding each other Conflict minimizers o 2 types of unsuccessful marriages Hostileengaged couples = partners who have frequent arguments and lack the balancing effect of humour and affection Hostiledetached couples = partners who fight regularly, rarely look at each other, and lack affection and support Ratio of negative to positive encounters gets out of balance and marriage dissolves (in both of above 2( Parallel found between qualities of successful marriage and secure attachment Divorce (415) There is 1 divorce for every 2 marriages that occur in a given year Sited as a 50 divorce rate Longitudinally actual likelihood that a Canadian marriage will end in divorce within 30 years is 38
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