FMLY 1010 Lecture 79: Lecture 79

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

R98729 o Adult women friends talk to each other, adult men friends do things together o Kinkeeper = a family role, usually occupied by a women, which includes responsibility for maintaining family and friendship relationships o Women are also more likely to take on the role of caring for aging parents Women have a much larger relationship role The Role of Worker (423) Satisfying work is important for mental health life satisfaction for men and women Choosing an Occupation Family Influences: Young people tend to choose occupations at the same general social class level as their parents Parents with higherthanaverage education influence the aspirationspreparedness of their children for postsecondary education Affects motivation, engagement with school, study habits, academic success Family values also influence job choices (high value for academic achievement, children more likely to be intrinsically motivation) Parent moral beliefs influence young adults willingness to enter certain occupations Gender: (424) More women than men are now enrolled in all major fields of study except for architectureengineering, mathcomputer sciences, and personal, protective, and transportation services o Specific job selection still remains strongly affected by gender 70 of women occupy traditionally female occupations (nursing, teaching, clerical) However women are increasing their presence in traditionally maledominated jobs (medicine, dentistry, senior management) Gap between male and female income is decreasing (earning around of male income) Personality: Holland 6 basic personality types (TABLE 14.1 page 425) Each of us chooses and is most successful in an occupation that matches our personality People whose personalities match their jobs are more likely to be satisfied with their work Career Development (426) Career development = the process of adapting to the workplace, managing career transitions, and pursuing goals through employment Supers Stage of Career Development: Roots of career development process are found in infancy o Growth stage (birthage 14) we learn about our abilities and interests
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