FMLY 1010 Lecture 1: Lecture 1

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

O88729 CHAPTER 1: Basic Concepts and Methods The Scientific Study of Human Development Developmental psychology = scientific study of agerelated changes in our bodies, behaviour, thinking, emotions, social relationships, personalities Before using scientific method, philosophers based their ideas off of spiritual authorities, deductive logic, general philosophy o Why do babies, who are born similar, grow up to be so different? I. Original Sin Christian doctrine (Augustine) All humans born with selfish stubborn nature In order to avoid sinful tendencies we must lead a disciplined life It is the parents job to restraincorrect childs immoral tendencies Blank Slate (John Locke) Empiricism Humans possess no innate tendencies, all differences are due to experience Childs mind is a blank slate Adults can mold children however they want Differences among adults due to differences in childhood environments Innate Goodness (JeanJacques Rousseau) We are naturally good, seek out experiences that will help us grow Children only need protection nurturing in order to reach full potential Good outcome when environment does NOT interfere Poor outcome when child gets frustrated with expressing innate goodness Charles Darwin We understand human development by studying child development Kept baby biographies first organized studies of human development G. Stanley Hall Wanted to find a more OBJECTIVE approach Used questionnaires interviews to study children st The contents of childrens minds on entering school 1 scientific study on child development Norms = average ages at which developmental milestones are reached Use norms to learn about human evolution to track development of individual children Arnold Gesell Genetically programmed sequential pattern of change Maturation = gradual unfolding of a genetically programmed sequential pattern of change Maturational development occurs regardless of practice, training or effort E.g. learning to walk Used movie cameras oneway observation devices
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