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Lecture 28

GEOG 1280 Lecture 28: Lecture 28

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GEOG 1280
Bruce G.Erickson

oS82 Unit 7: Political Geography The Dust Bowl Colorado: Kansas: New Mexico: Oklahoma: Texas th Bound by the 100 meridian. Dry because of adiabatic heating and Coriolis Effect What was it? During the 1930s a period of severe drought with dust storms Caused major ecological and agricultural damage to the North American Prairie. Dust Bowl Ecosystem in balance (Initially) Ecosystem: a functioning, interacting system composed of one or more living organisms and their effective environment both physical and ecological o shortgrass steppe (prairie) o low precipitation amounts <500mm (20 inches) o very variable precipitation both spatially and temporally The Setup rain follows the plow After the 1860s settlement was encouraged into these western lands by the Homestead Act and the transcontinental railroad, and waves of new immigrants. First, cattle and sheep and overgrazing Cold winters and drought then lead to more land under cultivation. More immigrants from humid east Wetter conditions in earlier part of the 20 century th Technological improvements of mechanized farming larger farms WWI price increase of agricultural products more land under plow Poor practice with land bare of vegetation burning stubble 1930s
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