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Lecture 29

GEOG 1280 Lecture 29: Lecture 29

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University of Manitoba
GEOG 1280
Bruce G.Erickson

lOMoARcPSD987298 1 links various characteristics of meteorological or hydrological drought to agricultural impacts, focusing on precipitation shortages, difference between actual and potential evapotranspiration, soil water deficits, usually linked to fairly short term where crop yields are affected. Plant water demand depends on prevailing weather conditions, biological characteristics of the specific plant, its stage of growth, and the physical and biological properties of the soil. Usually linked to fairly short term. Hydrological Drought 1 is associated with the effects of periods of precipitation shortfalls or subsurface water supply (i.e, streamflow, reservoir and lake levels, groundwater) usually requires long term to manifest. The frequency and severity of hydrological drought is often defined on a watershed or river basin scale. Although all droughts originate with a deficiency of precipitation, hydrologists are more concerned with how this deficiency plays out through the hydrologic system. Hydrological droughts are usually out of phase with or lag the occurrence of meteorological and agricultural droughts. Socioeconomic Drought 1 definitions of drought associate the supply and demand of some economic good(s) with elements of meteorological, hydrological, and agricultural drought. When supply of water for human activities does not meet demand. The natural variability of climate, leads to water supply that is ample in some years but unable to meet human and environmental needs in other years. For example, drought could result in significantly reduced hydroelectric power production because power plants were dependent on streamflow rather than storage for power generation. Components of Drought for Risk Management RIS HAZARD x VULNERABILITY = K (natural (social event) factors) Population growth and Climatology, shifts Probabilities, Urbanization Forecasts Technology Land use practices Environment degradation Water use trends Government policies Encironmental
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