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Lecture 33

GEOG 1280 Lecture 33: Lecture 33

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GEOG 1280
Bruce G.Erickson

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Oc78 Unit 8: Atmospheric Processes Part 1: The Nature of the Atmosphere The Earths Atmosphere Atmo Vapour Sphaira sphere An envelope of gases that is intimately related to all aspects of the earths surface which stretches from the surface of the earth to 10, 000 + km (6000+ miles) into space. Atmospheric gases rapidly decrease with increasing distance from the surface. (thins out) greatest atmospheric pressures near the ground. Mean Free Path another way to think about atmospheric gas density Distance a molecule travels before hitting another molecule. At sea level free path is 6.5 x 10 cm 6 At 100km elevation free path is 10cm At 160km elevation free path is 5000cm (50m) o Felix Baumgartner broke sound barrier, went up 38km. Broke Kittinger balloon The Earths Atmosphere 97 of gases are within 30km of surface About 90 of gases within 15km About 50 of gases within 6km o Gases very concentrated close to the earths surface Composition Nonvariant Gases Over 99 of atmospheric gases Nitrogen N2: 78 Oxygen O2: 21 Argon: 0.93 Noble gas, unreactive Carbon Dioxide CO2: 0.039 *Changes due to human activity Traces of Neon, Helium, Methane*, Krypton, H2, Xe, NxOx* (nitrous oxides) Nonvariant gases always in the same proportion under 80km Variant Gases
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