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Lecture 32

GEOG 1280 Lecture 32: Lecture 32

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GEOG 1280
Bruce G.Erickson

OS82 By who has the biggest gun? By international agreement? UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas) Territorial Sea Contiguous Sea Exclusive Economic Zone EEZ UNCLOS Internal Waters: (Landward of Baselines) Subject to laws of the state. Right of passage may be suspended if vessel a threat to peace, order and security of the state. Territorial Waters: (Seaward of Baselines) Sovereignty extends over waters, seabed and airspace not to exceed 12 n. miles (22.4km) vessels have right of innocent passage this may be suspended temporarily if vessel (s) a threat to states security. Contiguous Zone: May not extend beyond 24 n. miles (44.4 km) seaward from baselines. State has right to control if a threat exists to security of state or territorial waters. State has right of pursuit into this zone. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ): 200 nautical miles from baselines coastal state has right to conserve and manage living and nonliving resources. In areas that are ice covered, coastal state has right to adopt and enforce laws and regulations for the prevention and control of marine pollution. Drama on the High Seas Actually occurred between US navy aircraft carrier and Canadian authoritites. Georges Bank Issue: Who controls it? Manganese Nodule Deposits: Who has the rights to mine them on the high seas?
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